Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley was a great experience as a game. The chillout nature of planting your own turnips, water them and then harvesting in order to sell and get money to buy more seeds and plant, water, harvest, sell again.

My crops

It’s just relaxing. After a few hours you realize you can get swords and venture into caves to get ores (because stone and wood can only get you so far). Then you gather materials to build a barn and get your first farm animals. These animals produce even more materials for you. With these you can go ahead and make cheese, omelettes or fabric.

My farm animals

All this is happening while I use the remaining time in my days to clean out my farm and put some more buildings in. A better barn, a silo, a greenhouse…

And after all this work I just spend a day walking through my farm and thinking: “This looks amazing!”. This is the feeling of achievement that Stardew Valley provides in an amazing way.

Never does the game force you to do anything. It just spends the right amount of time teaching you the basics and after that you do what you want.

You can also get married and be friends with people but my style of play is just taking care of my farm.

Definitely a game worth your time.