Learning PyGame

I’ve started getting a real interest in developing video games. This comes from a need for me to learn new thing every now and then.

To start learning this the first issue I encountered was: which library should I use? After looking around it seems that I don’t have a lot of options when it comes to Python. So I started learning about PyGame.

PyGame is a wrapper around SDL.

I’ve been following tutorials through a channel on youtube called KidsCanCode by [https://github.com/cbscribe](Chris Bradfield). Despite the name the videos are super well explained and the concepts behind game development are clearly laied out.

These video tutorials seem even better than some books I found on PyGame that don’t even use classes to organise the code.

When I have something running I’ll report back here.

In the meantime check out the kids can code github repo where Chris has loads of great examples to follow the videos.

My next step will be to use a game development environment like Godot because apparently it’s the easiest way to build a game and have a way to package it.