How I setup a free personal blog with HTTPS

Building a personal blog these days is very simple. By using open source tools together with some nifty and awesome free services the only thing you'll need to worry about paying are the domain names.

My requirements were simple:

  1. Python is mandatory
  2. write articles in markdown
  3. content would be static
  4. deploy must happen by running a script or less

Python & Markdown

I was able to use Python because the offer of static website generators is great. And this also makes writing in markdown easy as most of the libraries support markdown files.

This part is taken care of.

Static content & deployment

Well, static content is on the name of "static website generators" so this is done. The last part was the most difficult one. I ended up going with Netlifly. It's a great free service that connects to your repository (on github or bitbucket) runs a script (defined by us) and serves a specific folder.

This is perfect for my needs. I just set the correct publish directory and it's done.

Oh, and it support Let's Encrypt!! So I also got HTTPS!!

Wrap up

So my final stack is:

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