Hawkers and the decline in customer service

Let’s start with the story. On the 30th of May Hawkers was doing a 72 hours sale which put some sunglasses at 19€ and also offered free shipping. Being a fan of Hawkers I jumped in and bought two pairs. Then the problems started. I chose, as method of payment, Multibanco. What ususally happens with Multibanco is that you get some payment reference (a number) and you use it to pay.

Unfortunately I never got that reference (and yes, I checked the spam folder).

After this I sent an email to their customer service saying that I never got any way of paying for my order and if there was anything wrong with my order.

First reply

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How I setup a free personal blog with HTTPS

Building a personal blog these days is very simple. By using open source tools together with some
nifty and awesome free services the only thing you’ll need to worry about paying
are the domain names.

My requirements were simple:

  1. Python is mandatory
  2. write articles in markdown
  3. content would be static
  4. deploy must happen by running a script or less

Python & Markdown

I was able to use Python because the offer of static website
generators is great. And this also makes writing in markdown
easy as most of the libraries support markdown files.

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Axiom Verge Review

This is another game I’ve postponed for a long time. I’m a big fan of Metroid and Castlevania so Metroidvanias are a no-brainer for me. When this game came out for the Switch I knew it was time.

I finished Axiom Verge while playing on and off for 10 days (this for me is very short). I can’t remember picking up a game and only being able to put it down when it’s finished!

The game is great all over but I’ll detail presentation, story and gameplay which are the aspects I love the most about this game.


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