About me

As a developer

After graduating from Computer Sciences from Universidade do Minho I enrolled in the Masters in Informatics course choosing Parallel and Distributed Computing and Formal Methods as my specializations.

I worked at Eurotux where I mainly developed web sites using Plone and Zope. I also did some system administration work like setting up servers and developing plugins for Trac. There was also Android development which I followed personnally after leaving the company.

After that I worked at WeDo Technologies, a company that focuses in Revenue Assurance. There I used mainly Java and also did some system administration work on solaris and linux servers.

I also worked at Network Locum, a promissing startup that I loved to work at. We delivered a service to make it easier for locum doctor to find jobs and get paid better.

Currectly I have two projects: NovaWeb and Attentive. Novaweb is a Portuguese hub for startups to know of each other.

Attentive is a company I founded together with my brother Daniel Araújo and my friend Luís Braga. We're developing a product that transforms the sales teams work into a task list.

As far as my interests go I am a complete supporter of Open Source and my preferred programming language is Python.

As a Gamer

I don't consider myself a hardcore gamer. I play games because I like it and if they are a chore they're not the game for me.

I grew up playing Sega's Mega Drive and Super Nintendo together with my brother and cousins, so games like: Alladin, Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, Batman and Dragon Ball Z: Hyper Dimension really stuck with me.

During my PC gaming phase I was more into Dungeon Keeper, Vampire: The Masquerade - Redemption, Heroes of Might and Magic II, Dark Reign.

Nowadays I mostly play my Switch, but I also spend some time playing my Xbox One.