Astral Chain

I’ve been postponing playing this game for a long time. Being a father of a 2 year old and having my own company doesn’t allow a lot of time for JRPG’s. But I couldn’t resist much more. I love the style of this game. And honestly it touches on everything I love on JRPG’s, demon-like robots (Legions), great story (a bit convoluted, but I love those), fresh mechanics that make fighting super fun and quirky characters that give life to the world that was created.

Axe Legion

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As far as JPRG’s go this one changed the formula a bit because you have levels (chapters). Progress is done by missions and not a free flowing experience like normal JPRG’s (like Final Fantasies). I liked this approach a lot because it focuses your time and doesn’t make you grind and spend endless hours just to get somewhere.

Definitely a game to go on the excelent experiences list.