Axiom Verge Review

This is another game I’ve postponed for a long time. I’m a big fan of Metroid and Castlevania so Metroidvanias are a no-brainer for me. When this game came out for the Switch I knew it was time.

I finished Axiom Verge while playing on and off for 10 days (this for me is very short). I can’t remember picking up a game and only being able to put it down when it’s finished!

The game is great all over but I’ll detail presentation, story and gameplay which are the aspects I love the most about this game.


Title screen

You start of as a normal guy lost in a weird bio mechanical environment. A voice talks to you letting you know that to survive you’ll have to fight. From there you progress through the story in a linear fashion. There’s one minor twist that I think could be better written. Apart from that it gets the job done.


Save point

The biotech environments are absolutely amazing. I love crossing through the zones while admiring the 8-bit detailed textures. The diversity in zones is very noticeable. You have the desert, tech, biological, poison…. definitely a good looking game.


Boss door

This is the part that impressed me the most. The variety in weapons and the almost megaman-like search for a boss’ weakness. I say megaman-like because no boss is “weak” to a weapon but some weapons make a boss easier to kill. Like a piercing laser or a bounding blade. The upgrades you get throughout the game (trademark of any metroidvania) are awesome and innovative. Phasing through walls or throwing a drone and teleporting to its position, as well as the normal ones like the grappling hook.


Overall the game is amazing and definitely worth playing and invest the proper time to fully appreciate it.